1. Registration at the Barangay Hall / Tourism Reception Desk is required.  Fees are to be transacted at the same office.
  2. Stick to the trail. Do not enter grass fields or trample on wild flowers.
  3. Don’t pick any of the plants. It’s also prohibited to catch insects or animals.
  4. Be environmentally aware. Do not damage any flora and fauna that you may encounter.
  5. Do not litter. Take all your waste with you and if you should stumble on somebody else’s waste, be the better person and take it with you. Organic material, though decomposable, should be buried or taken with you to avoid animal feeding on it.
  6. If you are going to use soap or detergent for washing yourself or clothes, make sure to do it at least 100 meters from the nearest water source. Use biodegradable products.
  7. Stay on the trails and do not go wandering off. By using the trails, you ensure that you will not further disturb nature and it will minimize the chances of getting lost.
  8. If you notice any damage to the trail or trail signs, make sure to note down the exact location and notify the proper authorities (i.e Tourism Office / Barangay Chair and Local Guides). Damaged or destroyed trails or trail signs can cause serious difficulties for other hikers.
  9. Do not disturb the environment by shouting or playing loud music. People go back to nature for the peace it can offer.
  10. If you plan to camp, make sure that you know the local regulations concerning camping and making fire. Cooking is allowed at the base camp only.  Cooking is not allowed along the trail and prohibited at the summit. It is not allowed to camp or make fire outside of these designated areas.
  11. Tourists are not allowed fishing and hunting in the destination or in the community.
  12. Pets are not allowed during the climb.  You may leave your pets at the barangay hall with a minimal fee for minding your pets. Ensure to provide food and medicines for the pets.
  13. Do not make noise, sound system and videoke are not allowed.
  14. Practice LNT (leave No Trace).
  15. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.